Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On seeing lovely people in the Vondelpark

Today's run saw me get up at 9am! 9am - that's fairly revolutionary for me.....  Heading off to the Vondelpark after my muesli. After listening to my Dad's seriously dodgy collection of heavy metal on my music player (I have no idea how to change it). I met with the very lovely Hazza and Andy Mack and their lovely but very excited dog Mooja. After running for half an hour I met the sublime Mrs. Lascelles and her daughter for coffee in Het Melkhuis, which was a lovely break but I was rather sweaty and horrible. Which was the perfect time to bump into a former pupil......

It's still 26C + so I lathered myself in factor 20 and took a big bottle of water out - one poor guy was being picked up by an ambulance in the Vondelpark - so be careful lady and manbros. Slip, slap, slop, glug and all that. 

Take Care and lovelovelove xx

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