Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brothers and Sisters, Wear Sunscreen!

 I went on my first run for goodness knows how long this morning, and by morning, I mean afternoon. And it's 28C, in Amsterdam. And it's the midday sun. And I have the lowest amount of skin pigmentation in the Western Amsterdam area. 

So I thought - it's hot so I should take water - which I dutifully did. Plus a head scarf - which I also did. Well it seems that sometimes I like to kid myself into thinking I don't possess a naturally goth like pallor but I do. Oh and how. So I went for a nice long run. Sipping away at my water and seeking the shade of the trees. 

And now I have a tomato face to show for it. 

So now I'm bathing in calendula aftersun lotion and kidding myself that the tomato face will 'settle down' into a lovely sun kissed glow. 

The moral of this story is; brothers and sisters - wear sunscreen......

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