Saturday, August 04, 2012

On running through raindrops or Schotse hardlopen

Today I woke up and thought to myself - what a lovely day, the sun is shining, there's a slight breeze - perfect conditions for a run in the park. But of course I fannied around for about two hours, packing  and half watching the Olympics. So when I eventually put on my running kit (that which is not yet packed) and headed out, the dark clouds had begun to roll in. By the time I got to the Dutch-Turkish friendship bridge it had begun to rain. Oh how I laughed at the people cycling by with there umbrellas up. Oh how I laughed out the other side of my face when I got to the Vondelpark and the heavens opened. Like any sensible person I sought shelter, for about 5 minutes, until I got terribly bored (and was still getting a bit wet under the trees) and began to run further. Through a thunder and lightening storm. For a portion of the time I tried to pretend I was a super Buddhist monk/Usain Bolt and I could run between the raindrops, until I realised that all my clothing was soaked through. Still, at least rain cools you down and so it made the run a bit nicer.

Well, there you go - my first rain running experience (I'm suprised I lasted this long here in Amsterdam). 

I think that's some kind of dedication/stupidity that deserves sponsorship - so if you haven't given, please do. 

Here's a picture of me soaking wet, with what my father would describe as 'a soor face'.

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