Monday, August 20, 2012

On holiday running

I've just got back from holiday in western France, which was pretty awesome and I managed to do some holiday running while I was there. Holiday running seems to be a specific subset of running which involves getting up at a silly time to run through truly beautiful landscapes. In France I ran through vinyards and across sandy island beaches. It made a nice change to running through the Vondelpark, but I missed my normal route - is that weird? We saw drank wine and cider, ate cheese, made very complicated meals using a Primus stove, went to a scandalous music festival and made friends with a cat. So it was indeed a bit lazy and so now I have to get back into Rocky style training big style. This is Ro who harbored illusions of stealing said cat and taking him back to Paris with her. 

Suddenly returning to the Netherlands during a 'tropical' heatwave has been a bit of a shock, so I haven't been running for a few days. In 31C city heat, the only thing I've been able to do is sit around in my knickers and sweat. But today I'm heading off to the swimming pool and then for an evening run. 

I'm running for the Refugee Council in September (which is next month eeek) I'm currently at 96% of my fundraising total - so please dig deep. It's a wonderful organisation which helps some of the U.K's most vulnerable people. You can donate here 

Oh and happy Eid everyone!

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