Friday, April 13, 2012

On Mean Dogs in the Vondelpark.

What a brave and intrepid runner I must be - I get up in not so beautiful conditions and head off for a short run., all the while singing 'Eye of the Tiger' in my head. By the time I get about half way through the run (and by this point I'm reeeeally concentrating on preventing my heart from exploding) a dog runs up to me. "Oh, how charming" I think to myself "a friendly dog". Well this dog was a little too friendly and competitive - he tried to outrun me (and succeeded with ease) and then proceeded to jump all over me - scratching the left side of my leg. And the thing that got to me most, was not, as you may think, the terrifying nature of the mean dog, who was surely going to eat me.....but "oh dude, you broke my stride!"

I feel that I may be getting this running lark after all.......

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